“We do a lot of music videos. Whether that’s videographers, actors, dancers, stylists, hair and makeup artists to actually work on campaigns for musicians. And then for musicians themselves, we have a huge number of different types of musicians on the platform.”

Fear At The Top sees CEO of Seventh Street Media Luke Girgis interview heads of companies in the music industry about how they got to where they are. He also touches on all the mistakes they’ve made, and what they’ve learned from running their hugely successful companies.

In this episode of Fear At The Top, Girgis interviews Taryn Williams, Founder of global talent marketplace TheRight.Fit and CEO of leading model agency Wink Models.

During the all-embracing chat, the pair discuss Williams’ tips on how to get someone to invest in your business, how she made her agency a scalable business with tech, and how she built Wink Agency from her bedroom to a roster over 300-strong.

taryn williams linkedin profile
Taryn Williams

“Traditionally [our artists are engaged] not so much for live bookings but more so for content creation or collaborating with brands,” said Williams. “We work with a lot of alcohol brands, travel brands, things like that that engage musicians sometimes probably more so for content creation.”

Taryn Williams also outlines how she launched her influencer marketplace TheRight.Fit, and how the major record companies are using it.

“We work with Universal, Sony… when they hold music launches, when they have events,” she added. “Through the platform you can also invite influencers and celebrities along to high-profile media events.”