[Recently], I wrote one of my favorite posts thus far this year about how the “squeaky wheel” gets the grease and how that concepts applies to getting things done as an artist or for an artist.

Since then, two examples of how asking works entered my life I thought to share here:

I am a generous tipper when it comes to meals, but when it comes to delivery, if there is already a delivery fee built in from a restaurant, I typically shy away from giving more than a couple dollars to the driver. UBER culture made the concept of tips being included in the fare mainstream for app purchases.

I’ve taken that approach when it comes to Postmates as well, regardless of whether I should or not. In my defense, the delivery and service fees are substantial, but on the other side, I do understand the drivers are hustling and need the money.

The other night, the delivery driver had been so courteous to send me a text when he was leaving the restaurant with his exact ETA. Upon delivery, he mentioned tips would be greatly appreciated… And so I did give him a tip.

I had several delivery drivers perform similar gestures in the past, but whether right or wrong, he got tipped because he asked, plain and simple. Since he posed the question, I felt I could either give in or reject him, and I didn’t want to do the latter… So I gave him a tip.

Then, today, Seth Godin wrote a great piece about the varying definitions of hard work – It’s another example of the power of asking for solutions in order to delegate effectively and maximize time – Enjoy!