It’s no secret that almost all heads of Australian music companies are men. There are some brilliant female CEOs and senior executives like Rachel Comerford (Unified), Jessica Ducrou (Secret Sounds) and Jacqui Louez Schoorl (Jaxsta) however when it comes to heads of Australian music business, women are firmly in the minority.

The Australian music industry is most definitely in a boom. New companies are emerging and are quickly becoming extremely influential which means now there is both a new generation of senior executives as well as a long standing old guard who have been leading their legacy companies for decades. Some of the new generation are fantastic operators, some are unfortunately continuing the sins of past eras.

Likewise, some of the old guard have recently been incredibly progressive in changing the way they operate and improving their company culture for the better…..others, not so much.

This puts Australian music professionals at a very unique moment in human history. We aren’t just working with a handful of executives at the top who control everything anymore.

There are more influential companies than ever, which means there are far more senior executives (yes, still all mostly male) who each have very different styles and approaches to running their businesses.