NBC News ran an interesting segment with a professional meme-maker Ka5sh, who makes his living creating memes for labels looking to artificially inflate the “buzz” around an artist.

Note, this isn’t simply a social media manager, or content creator. As Ka5sh tells it, he makes a variety of memes for a label — he mentions Interscope in the interview — who then disseminate these through various accounts, creating the illusion an artist is hot.

“So basically, I get hired by companies to make stuff,” he says. “Let’s say like, Interscope wants me to make a pack of memes for a release for a certain rapper. And they want everyone to think that that rapper has a lot of like, buzz around them and that other people are making memes about them, but it’s really just me making a whole bunch of them and then them being dispersed through different accounts.”

It’s a shady practice, but it’s not at all surprising. What is surprising, though, is that Ka5sh was so open about how it works – no doubt his employers won’t be too happy with that information being so public.

Check out the segment, below.