By now, you’ll have either read Quincy Jones’ quite insane Vulture interview — in which he made a range of claims about Richard Pryor’s gay dalliances, the murder of JFK (spoiler: he knows who did it!), and Michael Jackson’s working methods — or you’ll have read all the headlines about it. Either way, it’s quite a trip.

Basically, he accused Michael Jackson of stealing the (arguably similar) bass line from Donna Summer’s 1982 single ‘State of Independence’ for ‘Billie Jean’, both of which Quincy Jones produced around the same period. You’d think he’d have said something before now, but still…

Same then, curious readers have rushed to streaming services to make their own minds up, resulting in a surge of more than 150,000 video and audio streams in the U.S. during the 24-hour period following the publication of the interview.

For those yet to listen, check out the song below.