Metalheads of Australia, your prayers have been answered, as The Faction, a 24/7 digital radio station totally devoted to the genre of metal, has launched in Australia today.

Frequently cited as one of the more underrated genres in the country, metal now has a new home for all of your digital radio needs. The Faction has been launched in Australia today through a partnership with popular radio app iHeartRadio, and heavy music company Collision Course. The result of over a year of meticulous planning, today’s launch finally brings forth a brand new platform for lovers of heavy music to bond over countless tunes that the genre has provided over the years.

“The metal community is one of the most passionate in the world and we have so much to celebrate – not just artists and music, but also a thriving live sector, amazing blogs and media and so many people with passion,” said Collision Course manager Tim Price. “We wanted to put it together and create a hub for that community which brings the genre into a mobile world. Through our partnership with iHeartRadio, we can now also use The Faction Radio to reach new metal fans and welcome them into our scene.”

In addition to plain ol’ music streaming, The Faction also provides resources that combine Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms along with exclusive Spotify playlists, and video streaming. Basically, it’s an all-in-one platform for metal lovers all over the country.