On a global scale, the Australian music industry certainly punches above its weight. Despite being a small population geographically isolated from the rest of the world we have consistently been an industry which has exported the biggest stars in the world, again and again. Think Kylie Minogue, INXS, 5 Seconds of Summer, SIA, Tame Impala, Troye Sivan, Flume and the list goes on.

One of the managers at the forefront of the next wave of Australian superstars is Regan Lethbridge; co-founder of Lemon Tree Music who co-manages Tones and I, Tash Sultana, Pierce Brothers an more.

Simply put, Lethbridge seems to have a knack of finding talented buskers on the street of Australia and turning them into millionaires.

What he has achieved with his co-founder David Morgan is nothing short of remarkable, together they have turned a humble, independent music management business into a global powerhouse.

How has he done it?

We spoke to Regan as part of our Fear at the Top podcast series to find out, you can subscribe to Fear at the Top on all major streaming services.

Watch the full episode of Fear at the Top below

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