Remote Control Records has today announced its new label imprint, Pointer Recordings, designed to support creative local talent.

Founded by Sweetie Zamora, Remote Control’s Head Of Labels & Promotions, the new imprint will serve to amplify the voices of fiercely creative and ambitious artists. Centred around non-traditional releases with artists aligned to the future of music, it’s a wholly independent, artist-friendly digital-only label.

Debut signings include a collaboration between Sydney’s imbi and Slim Set, who released the new single ‘Heatsink’, premiered via triple j’s Declan Byrne on his radio show. Amongst common feelings of perpetual overwhelm and existential dread, it’s easy to forget to pause and breathe but ‘Heatsink’ is the reminder to do just that. And with a catchy hook and relentless DnB production, the song is a brief reminder of those sweaty late-night club dances.

‘Heatsink’ is also accompanied by a game coded by Slim Set’s Atro in which avatars of the artists, illustrated by Alvin Ruiyuan Zhong, navigate their way from Parramatta station to Sydney’s CBD over a myriad of obstacles.

Imbi shared their exciting at joining the imprint: “Pointer came at the perfect time! Joining up with Pointer reassured me that there are ways to pursue music that feel good and labels out there really looking to do best by the artist and themselves. I am so grateful to be part of this team!”

Other acts signed up to Pointer Recordings include Melbourne three-piece Telenova, interested in cinematic aesthetics and trip-hop production, whose debut single ‘Bones’ is scheduled for release on Thursday, March 18th.

There’s a collaboration between Canberra artists Ryan Fennis and Voidhood, who attempt to give shape and sound to what it means to live in a present-day, technological dystopia, centred in Australia’s largest capital city.

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There’s also Melbourne club project Cavallo Nero, a three-piece project that delves deeper into clubland and the after-hours and all that the strobe light touches and the smoke machine envelopes.

Check out ‘Heatsink’ by imbi and Slim Set: