For months now, the topic of pill testing has been a contentious one, met by equal amounts of backlash and support at every turn. Now, the numbers are in, with the majority of Australians supporting the push.

Yesterday, management and ticketing site Eventbrite released their Australian Music Fans Report, outlining the priorities that guide the majority of Australian concertgoers.

Surveying 1,130 gig-goers, the findings are quite intriguing, explaining how Baby Boomers attend more music events than any other group, and how Generation Z seems to seek value for money when it comes to shows.

In addition to noting facts such as how 55% of respondents use social media to research an artist or event, and 24% use music videos to check an artist’s sound, it appears that the vast majority tend to agree on the topic of security at gigs, including the notion of pill testing.

According to the survey, 77% of those questioned supported pill testing at live music events, while 63% ranked security as being either ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their event experience.

Likewise, 39% reported they had noticed an increased police presence at gigs, 52% reported searches of their bags, and 10% noted how they had encounters with drug dogs.