Australia now has a new marketplace for booking local DJs and artists for your event, with Request Artists announcing its exciting launch today.

For as long as anyone has been tasked with booking entertainment for a corporate event, hassles, roadblocks, and red tape have been managed to spring up, preventing a successful affair from being organised without incident.

But what if there was an easier way to organise such a thing? Well that appears to have been the question that the folks behind Request Artists had, launching their new booking marketplace earlier today.

Founded by famed Aussie DJ John Course, marketing leader John Curtin (who has worked on events such as Festival X), and DJ, producer, and event coordinator Piero Giovannini, Request Artists aims to take the hassle out of corporate entertainment, streamlining the process thanks to their unique insight.

The seeds for Request Artists were sown back in 2018 when Course – who had been approached countless times to DJ private events – looked to Curtin for advice in achieving a way to simplify this process.

With Curtin on board, the pair looked towards turning such an idea into more of a traditional agency with a music focus, with close attention being paid to the technological side of things as well.

At its heart, Request Artists offers folks the ease of selecting an artist, venue, and genre for your preferred date, and aims to bring the best artists (that is, not just mobile DJs but respected, club-playing DJs) to play at your wedding, engagement, party, event, etc.

Image of Piero Giovannini, John Course, and John Curtin, the folks behind Request Artists
Piero Giovannini, John Course, and John Curtin, the team behind Request Artists

“The search options within the site are really awesome and one of our key differences to other services,” explained John Course of Request Artists.

“You don’t need to use them, but if you want a DJ from a certain club you go to (or used to, go to), or if you want a more specialist music direction, both filters are great tools.”

So what is it that sets Request Artists apart from other services? Well, in addition to the technological ease of their booking process, they not only offer production hire, but also an exciting list of talented artists not available elsewhere that cover all variety of musical styles and genres, suited for playing small or large rooms with their vast depth of musical knowledge.

“We are really excited to connect some of Australia’s biggest and emerging artists to corporate events and special occasions such as: weddings, engagements, 30ths, sporting events, large scale venues, product and store launches,” added John Curtin.

“We can make the process so easy with a fantastic website, artists and can also organize staging and Sound/AV for your event.”

While Request Artists service locations Australia-wide, they’ve already been fielding requests for events such as a New Year’s Eve party in Los Angeles and a wedding in Bali.

Having launched in beta mode a few months ago, today sees the official launch of the service in Australia, with plans to seek investment and eventually take it worldwide via their industry contacts.

For more information about Request Artists, the services they provide, or anything else you might wonder about, be sure to check out their website now.

Check out a promo video for Request Artists: