Spotify isn’t the only company in music celebrating its 10th anniversary. Sure, with its multi-billion-dollar IPO, its fluctuating shareprice and forays into controversy, Spotify does a handy job at hogging the headlines. Rice Is Nice is also 10 years young, but it was never about grandstanding. The boutique music label is the brainchild of Julia Wilson, who a decade ago waved off the defeatists, went with her gut and built a hub for eclectic, (mostly) homegrown acts.

With experience in media (she worked as a photographer), label-land and retail, Wilson set about starting a venture with a mission to find and sign unique acts. Her friends thought she was nuts. The landscape of the record business in 2008 looked like a battle scene from The Walking Dead. Today, Rice Is Nice is alive and thriving and her company has arms across the world through distribution via Inertia Music in Australian and New Zealand and by Revolver in North America and Europe.

TIO caught up with Wilson as Rice Is Nice prepares to celebrate its milestone, with a party Nov. 22 at ACMI during Melbourne Music Week. Wilson is excited, and a little nervous. “I hate putting on shows it brings me such terror,” she admits. She needn’t be. A long lineup of Rice Is Nice artists will be in the house, from Straight Arrows to Richard In Your Mind, Rebel Yell, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Spod, Summer Flake and guest DJs Lowtide, You Beauty and Doug Wallen.