The debut issue of Rolling Stone Australia is set to launch in May, and now the publication has revealed that Tones And I is set to grace their first cover.

In these wild times that we live in, people are more than ever looking for fresh new ways to stay entertained, informed, and up to date on the happenings in the local and international music scene. Thankfully, the arrival of Rolling Stone Australia coincides with mass lockdowns and closed borders, providing fans of music, culture, TV, film, and politics with some much-needed reading material.

Whether it’s a need to fill your time with some worthwhile reading material, fulfilling your love of music and culture, or simply enjoying the ability to unplug with a tangible piece of journalistic history, the debut issue of Rolling Stone Australia is set to be one for the ages.

Now, the publication has revealed that the cover of it’s first issue is set to feature none other than Toni Watson – otherwise known as the chart-topping sensation Tones And I – with subscriptions available now.

Following a massive year which has seen Toni Watson go from being a Byron Bay busker to topping global charts, breaking streaming records, becoming a favourite of icons like Elton John, and essentially becoming a household name, there’s never been a better time to focus on such an important and vital artist.

In this eight-page cover feature, featuring exclusive photography by Giulia McGauran (GG McG) and a poster, Rolling Stone Australia spent time at Tones’ home, met with her friends, and was a fly on the wall backstage at one of Australia’s biggest festivals.

In their deep-dive into the phenomenon that is Tones And I, Rolling Stone Australia takes a privileged look inside the world of an artist whose rise to fame is yet to be – and may never be – eclipsed. This edition of the magazine is going to be the one that your coffee table will proudly present at the top of the pile.

Whether you’re just a fan of music, you’re a supporter of the local music scene, or you enjoy the thrill of print and long form journalism, then Rolling Stone Australia is exactly what you need. Click on the link below for more information regarding our subscription service.