triple j’s former Roots N All host Sarah Howells is making her return to the airwaves, this time for a new program on sister station Double J.

If you’ve ever found yourself listening to triple j over the years, tuning in to get your fix of roots, blues, reggae, and all other manner of fine tunes, then you’d likely be familiar with Sarah Howells.

After spending over a decade at the helm of the iconic Roots N All program, Howells took her leave from triple j back in 2016, with Saskwatch’s Nkechi Anele taking over instead. Now, Sarah Howells’ familiar voice is set to return to the airwaves once again.

Announced today, Sarah Howells is joining the Double J team, presenting her new show Stir It Up, which premieres this evening.

“It’s not the same show as Roots N All, but it does cover those blues, folk, reggae and roots music styles that I know and love and I know so many other people do as well,” Sarah explained of her new show.

During her time at triple j, Sarah Howells help to cultivate the careers of Aussie musicians who are now household names in the local roots music scene. In the years since she’s been off the air, Sarah has been travelling the world a bit, partaking in something of a global “festival hunt”, though her return to the airwaves is a long-awaited one.

“I’m so excited to get back on the radio,” Howells says, explaining her new show will be a little bit different than previously. “We’re gonna dig a little deeper into some of those songs and the stories behind them and meet some of the makers behind that music.”

“Some of those really legendary artists who have been around for a while, who are stalwarts in their genre. We’ll delve a little deeper to get to know them and their music.”

Stir It Up premieres on Double J at 8pm tonight, and will continue to broadcast on Wednesday nights.