Adelaide singer-songwriter Sarah Saint James has signed a management deal with Melbourne’s Hutch Collective, the home of Odette.

Sarah first connected with the Hutch team via social network audio app Clubhouse, where Hutch co-founder Larissa Jane Ryan was hosting regular music industry discussions.

At the time, Sarah Saint James’ single ‘mad at god’ had gone viral on TikTok, clocking more than 1 million streams and 43,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Now, after an official release earlier this year, ‘mad at god’ has amassed 2 million streams and 1.5 million+ views from user generated content on TikTok.

“I’m beyond thrilled to announce my signing with Hutch Collective,” said Sarah Saint James. “Larissa and Josh were absolutely the right fit for me personally and for my art, ​both ​encouraging my creativity and expression, ​plus​ Peter on board to help me develop as an artist is something I am so appreciative ​of.

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“It’s been great to ​t​rust that my vision and long term goals are seen and supported by Hutch, and I’ve never been more excited for the future.”

“​We’re very excited to welcome Sarah to our Hutch family​,” said Josh Milgate. “We instantly ​resonated with her storytelling and her approach to music as a way of connecting with, and sharing experiences with, her fans.”

Larissa Jane Ryan added: “Sarah knows what she wants​ and​ she values every moment​ – sometimes when you grow up with less, your dreams become razor-sharp and you can see purpose ​more ​clearly​.

“When I heard ​Sarah’s demos, her enthusiasm, raw talent and passion to be the best songwriter she can be, reminded me why we love what we do. We are so happy to work with Sarah​ and ​to help her run towards her dreams.”

The signing announce coincides with the release of Sarah Saint James’ new single ‘Heather’, a thrilling co-write with Alex Lahey that sets witty lyrics about high school bullies to gutsy guitar-pop.

Check out Sarah Saint James’ new single ‘Heather’: