The seventh annual EMC started with a banger Wednesday as master turntablist Sasha delivered a rare keynote presentation.

How rare? The Brit has never done a keynote of any description in Australia or opened a conference in a speaker’s seat.

EMC executive producer Jane Slingo and her team have been trying to land Sasha for the summit since its inception. All that work finally paid off.

Sasha isn’t your typical DJ, producer and label chief, though he is all of these. The British artist and party-starter was famously anointed the “Son of God” in a cover story for Mixmag back in 1994 and his many fans have been calling him by that name ever since.

The Grammy-nominated, four-time DJ Mag award winner sat for a candid interview with TIO’s Lars Brandle which covered his career, the state of the dance music business and a range of hot topics. Read an excerpt below.

One of the skills which places Sasha head and shoulders above most others is his predilection for key-mixing his sets. Blame a music education for that.

“I really got reconnected with playing piano again,” he said. “It’s from my childhood. There was a piano in my house when I was growing up. I just listened to the radio and copied the melodies. My mum got me some piano lessons. I can’t say I really enjoyed the piano lessons and learning a lot of the classical stuff.