Midnight Oil always brandished green credentials. So it needn’t have surprised when it bucketed down just as their ‘Great Circle’ reunion tour reached Brisbane. The recent droughts were quenched by the downpours, which hit the October 15 show and threatened Tuesday’s date.

Fans knew they’d get something out of this world when the Oils appeared on stage to Vangelis’ ‘Blade Runner End Titles’. Rocker-turned-politician-turned-rocker Peter Garrett, looking fit and menacing and comfortable in the role he was born to do, took aim at Donald Trump (the “Dumpster”) and the proposed Adani coal mine.

The hits came out, the rain stayed away. Nothing could keep the Oils’ loyal fans from this triumphant trek. Expect, perhaps, if tickets were swept up by bots and sold-on at ridiculous prices, a reality for hot shows in 2017. So the Oils fought back.

Bots and scalpers are the scourge. Universally unloved, unwanted. When the general onsale kicked off for the Oils dates in February, the touts predictably swarmed. So the band, its manager John Watson, and the promoter Frontier Touring hatched a plan.

People turned up with tickets they’d bought from these websites that turned out to be forgeries… and they tend to blame the artist