Just listen to multi-award winning screen composer Caitlin Yeo speak about her work and you’ll understand all her accolades. She describes the work of her contemporaries with powerful precision, and she explains what creativity means to her with the kind of assonance only reserved to those who have walked the walk.

Caitlin Yeo is President of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers and has scored multiple feature films, documentaries, and TV series, including critically acclaimed feature film The Rocket, channel 7’s tele-­movie The Killing Field, ABC’s CompassBomb Harvest, SBS series For The Love of Meat, and more recently, feature film The Butterfly Tree starring Melissa George and Sophie Lowe.

Yeo is also nominated for four awards at this year’s annual Screen Music Awards, which celebrates achievements in music composition for film.

She’s being recognised for her work on The House with Annabel Crabb (Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie), in the Best Music for a Short Film category for Barbara and in the Best Soundtrack Album and Feature Film Score of the Year categories for The Butterfly Tree. 

In the Q&A below, Yeo offers insight into the male-dominated screen composer industry, the gender equality initiatives she helps run, why her score for The Butterfly Tree was such a big challenge, and the fascinating relationship between director and composer.