On April 12, when Sticky Fingers gave their first public interview since announcing their hiatus last September, the music community was hopeful.

The band, who had previously issued a statement acknowledging the fact “alcoholic behaviour in the past has intimidated or made people feel unsafe”, chose triple j’s Hack for the interview, a platform known for its unbiased investigative journalism and high-minded industry figure/host Tom Tilley.

The interview went terribly to say the least. Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost used the term “boys will be boys”, and the band barely addressed any allegations of sexist and racist abuse.

Now, as revealed using data from J Play, the industry resource which showcases the artists and songs that are played on triple j radio in Australia, Stickers Fingers are not being played on the youth broadcaster.

The Sticky Fingers artist profile on J Play lists all the songs played on triple j and the most recent airing for each song. It shows the last time the band’s music was aired was once in April.