Seventh Street Media — publishers of this fine industry publication, along with the likes of The Brag, Tone Deaf, and J Play — have just launched the Don’t Bore Us website, an expansion of the DBU social media hub.

Don’t Bore Us has a penchant for all things pop and alternative music. While new to the scene, Don’t Bore Us is usually found right in the centre of developing music news. If Harry Styles is planning something, DBU knows about it. If Panic! at the Disco is teasing something, DBU is all over it. If Fall Out Boy is in town, you’ll find us in the front row.

DBU is the sister whose CDs you always wanted to steal and an authority on up-and-coming artists in the current emo resurgence.

SSM has positioned DBU to be a champion of artists who sit just left of pop, bringing content to an under-served market of passionate music consumers whose taste and preference aren’t being met through traditional music media outlets.

The ethos is to always do right by artists — you won’t find DBU spreading scandal — the purpose is to talk about music in an intelligent and meaningful way.

DBU has a passionate social following, with over 360k followers on Twitter, and just shy of one million organic impressions on Twitter per week. Across the DBU social networks it has an audience of over 700k engaged millennials.

The launch of the website is to assist in better serving its audience more in-depth content, interviews, and opinion pieces written in a style especially for them, about artists that they are passionate about.

CEO of Seventh Street Media, Luke Girgis said of the new publication:

“The launch of the Don’t Bore Us website comes off the back of an extremely strong social audience who simply demanded it. We have a strong, female-driven team of artists, writers, and journalists working on Don’t Bore Us, and their passion is clearly catching on. Our initial intention for the platform was to be purely a social publisher but the consistent feedback from our highly-engaged, young audience is that they wanted to see more written narrative from our creators outside of a Tweet or Facebook post.

“It’s a huge compliment to our team and we’re proud to offer the alternative pop scene a new home.”

Throughout the last half of 2017, Seventh Street Media will be announcing further acquisitions and new publications, which we can’t tell you too much about at the moment… but trust us, you’re gonna like it.