Australian Gen Z and Millennial publisher Seventh Street Media has rebranded to The Brag Media.

The news broke this morning via B&TMumbrella and MediaWeek, which announced the rebranding was part of a strategy to unify its publications and better reflect its content marketing offering.

Last month the independent media publisher consolidated all its titles into the one domain.

CEO Luke Girgis said The Brag Media will “provide a better user experience” for fans and a greater opportunity for brands and music companies.

The Brag Media is the first Australian publisher to take a content marketing model approach, which has seen the publisher connect brands, artists, labels and promoters with fans through an industry-first content journey funnel to maximise ROI, impact and fan engagement.

“The change from Seventh Street Media to The Brag Media comes two years after our launch and at a time when we have a proven track record with content marketing and conversions for the brands and artists we work with,” Girgis said.

“Our content marketing revenue is at an all time high and represents more than 70% of our gross. We have been able to demonstrate to agencies, brands and music companies that content marketing is the way forward when engaging digitally with these younger demos, therefore providing a greater ROI.”

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With a staff roster of 20 based both in Sydney and Melbourne, The Brag Media has engaged a varied community of audiences offering video content, podcasting, activations, as well as interactive development such as quizzes, lead generation tools and micro sites.

The company has grown its fanbase across all its publications by over 250%. SSM’s daily newsletters now send to a fanbase of over 242,000 subscribers.

The Brag Media’s client list includes universities, tech leaders, alcohol brands, government business and entertainment. This has enabled it to engage all kinds of niche markets through its social and owned properties.

The Brag Media now has six titles under its banner. Cumulatively, its music titles are the largest music publications in Australia.

Since its launch two years ago, it founded The Brag Dad for millennial fathers and Don’t Bore Us for Gen Z school leavers and University students.

The two newer publications joined The Brag, Tone Deaf and this one, The Industry Observer, all of which collectively entertain Gen-Z and Millennial music, food, gaming and pop-culture fans.

About The Brag Media

The Brag Media is a modern publisher that holds fervent conversations with fans about pop-culture and life-stages, across owned and social properties simultaneously.