Shouse, the Melbourne electronic duo of Ed Service and Jack Madin, is shimming to a first-time appearance in the U.K. Top 20 with ‘Love Tonight.’

Originally created in 2015 and released back in 2017, the tune has gone viral and is on a trajectory to the top tier, lifting 22-18 on the midweek U.K. chart.

A broody dance track with jazz sax, tones of gospel, and a dark, synthwave clinging bassline, ‘Love Tonight’ is currently at No. 12 on the Shazam Global 200 Chart and its entered the Top 150 Spotify Global chart.

Collective streams for the single have surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify, and north of 40 million on YouTube.


Ed and Jack capitalised on the track’s newfound energy by releasing a new edit, tapping the likes of David Guetta, Robin Schulz and Vintage Culture to cut remixes, and doing making the rounds of primetime TV.

If the lockdown has given us anything positive, it just might be ‘Love Tonight’.

The song, its creators admit, has connected with millions around the globe who are suffering with the effects of cabin fever.

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“’Love Tonight’ is a song of connectedness and togetherness, uniting the world in solidarity during a time of isolation,” the pair explain, “and now in ecstatic love during a time of release”.

Now, Service told the ABC for a story published in July, “it’s become a release anthem as people come out of lockdown in Europe and it’s becoming part of a cultural movement.

“Thousands of Europeans [are] singing along to all our mates in a warehouse in Brunswick.”

‘Love Tonight’ is released by Hell Beach, an imprint of Australia’s OneLove.

Ed and Jack aren’t the only Australian electronic artists making a move on the midweek U.K. chart.

For the first time, Pnau’s remix of ‘Cold Heart,’ by Elton John and Dua Lipa, is on top of the chart blast and looks set to usurp Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shivers’ for the first time.

The Official U.K. Singles Chart is published late Friday.