26-year-old singer-songwriter and actress Sky Ferreira says she is locked out of her own SoundCloud account.

“Hey @soundcloud I can’t access my own account that I started & uploaded everything myself. I ended up bamboozled,” she wrote on Instagram yesterday.

Ferreira claims she was forced to hand over her SoundCloud login to her label after her debut studio album Night Time, My Time came out in 2013. She says the contact for the person who changed the login no longer exists.

“I was forced/told I had no choice to hand over my account information to my label after my album came out. They gave me the wrong information & changed it so I can no longer access it,” she added.

“The person who changed the login is unreachable & the contact no longer exist. I need it back ASAP,” she wrote. “I earned the hundreds of thousands of people that follow the account without my label & have never had help/paid for anything on social media or whatever. I think of soundcloud as the website that allows musicians to have freedom. Please help

“PS: I would like to clarify I have always done all of my work directly & by myself. No “team” has ever uploaded (or anything else under any circumstance) my stuff for me whatsoever.”