Music analytics specialist Soundcharts has launched a new, real-time media tracking tool which is designed to give music professionals a leg up in the tricky game for identifying artists’ hot spots.

The French-based company says its new Mentions feature is its biggest product upgrade since launch in 2016, and it represents a world-first for its ability to track mentions of artists on a global basis.

In a statement announcing the development, SC claims the feature will help industry pros to “spot local promotional opportunities, identify niche genre publications, and influence marketing strategies,” by bringing a world of insights into one place.

Through Mentions, SC allows users to scan the Web and refine results into three categories: Music Media, Non-Music Media, and other websites.

This data is then enriched with detail, including country of origin (based on domain, language, traffic), domain rank (traffic estimation), and website types (broken down into news, forums, blogs and more).

soundcharts platform taylor swift
Compare Artists tool enables users to benchmark artists with customisable graphs

With the newly-launched product, Soundcharts now monitors five verticals in real-time: social media, charts, playlists, radio airplay and Mentions.

In a time where so many of us are drowning in data, Soundcharts and its founder and CEO David Weiszfeld are confident the simplicity and depth of its new offering will win the day.