R.I.P. Spotify’s upload program.

Less than a year after starting beta-testing on a direct upload feature, the streaming giant is pulling the plug. All content delivered through that direct submission portal will be removed from Spotify by month’s end, July 30.

That’s a shame, but it’s not the end of days for DIY and indie artists, just a return to the olden days of using a third-party aggregator.

Spotify’s upload feature empowered a few hundred artists willing to do the work, and it promised to save them money. The tool, announced last September, was completely free via the Spotify For Artists platform, and came with the simple caveat that the muso uploading tunes must own the copyright in the recordings.

The reasons behind the decision to quit digital distribution aren’t crystal clear and Spotify didn’t share any outcomes of their beta. No surprises there. What we do know is aggregation is an arduous, competitive game with wafer-thin margins.

That’s not what Spotify does best. And at the end of the month, it’ll stop accepting any new uploads through Spotify for Artists, at which point artists will need to move their already-released content to another provider, reads a blog post.