There’s nothing more frustrating in life than not getting the recognition that you deserve for something you’ve worked on. In fact, for years, this has been a rather sore point for many involved in the music production process. After all, how many casual fans pay attention to the producer or songwriter when they listen to a tune? Well now, Spotify are making it easier for credit to be given where it is due.

Yes, Spotify have today announced they are making it easier for listeners to easily access the songwriter and producer credits for songs. All fans have to do it right-click on a tune and select the “show credits” option to view this info.

“At launch, we’re showing information we have from record label-provided metadata, and we’ll also display the source of the credits,” Spotify said in a post on their website. “We realize some of this may be incomplete or may contain inaccuracies, but this is just a first step: the feature will continually evolve to provide better functionality, and incorporate more information from industry partners.”

“The new credits feature follows on the heels of our other songwriter-focused initiatives, including the launch of the Secret Genius program, which gives the contributions of songwriters and producers some long overdue props,” they continued.

Of course, you may realise that some tunes don’t yet have this feature, but as Spotify stress, this is an ongoing project that will continue to evolve in time. So whip open your Spotify desktop app and start having a look at all the details about those who contributed to your favourite songs. You might find a few musical surprises included inside!