Spotify accounts have become another extension of most dedicated music listeners personalities – everything from curating the perfect playlist name to selecting tracks for your latest crestfallen moment mixes acts as a huge part of our identity.

Now, Spotify are treating their “most trusted fans and music lovers”, allowing music-nerds everywhere to suggest additions to the information provided about the music they’re listening to.

This is part of a new software the streaming service is about to launch called Line-In – a service that seeks to enhance the experience of listeners and artists by correctly crediting features like explicitness, genre, aliases, languages, mood, tags, artist roles and external URLs of certain tracks.

“All desktop Spotify users can access the Line-In tool by clicking the three dots next to an Artist, Album, or Song and selecting Suggest an Edit,” the streaming service explains in an official statement. 

So, the next time you’re listening to a pop punk band incorrectly detailed underneath the ‘homegrown and heavy’ curated playlist, personally attacking your dedication to blast beats and mosh calls, Spotify will let you have your say, restoring balance and logic in a world gone mad.