Although Spotify have spent the last few years eyeing off software startups and programs to cash in on, they’ve yet to release their own tangible product.

That may change soon, according to Digital Music News who’ve spotted new job openings at Spotify headquarters, currently in search of hardware engineers.

They’ve listed availabilities for  Operations Manager in Hardware Product, a Senior Project Manager in Hardware Project and a Project Manager in Hardware Production and Engineer. Sounds like they might be prepping to….build some hardware which we can infer will probably be sound related.

“You will define and manage Distribution, Supply, Logistics, fulfillment and Customer Service for Hardware Products,” the first job ad reads, “and work with partners to deliver the optimal Spotify experience to millions of users.” details on of the openings that deeply suggests the hardware will aid consumers streaming experience.

Since Apple and Amazon have delved into the world of specialized hardware devices to complement their streaming services, it makes sense for Spotify to follow suit.

Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine said late last year, streaming services need of “new ideas for cash flow”, saying,

“The streaming business is not a great business, the streaming services have a bad situation. There are no margins, they’re not making any money” he told Billboard .