Yesterday, we reported on the tone deaf and offensive AC100 playlist, which Cory Bernardi compiled and offered up as an alternative to the Hottest 100.

Not surprisingly, a number of the artists featured on the playlist, such as Powderfinger, Colin Hay, Barnesy, and Darren Hayes (who threatened legal action), made it clear they do not endorse the Australian Conservative Party or their stance on anything.

Now even Spotify, the delivery system for the crackin’ Australian Day partystarter, want to make it clear they have no association with such nonsense.

“Spotify has actively supported marriage, gender, and indigenous equality initiatives over the last five years, and believes in a diverse and multicultural Australia”, they write.

“We want to make clear we do not endorse this playlist, nor do we have any official ties to the Australian Conservatives party nor any other political party.”

Here’s a good playlist.