For emerging and established artists, Spotify has opened up a new avenue to ensure fans are constantly engaged with their output, cementing their online audiences.

Now, the monolithic streaming service has added a new feature that will make it even easier for artists to direct listeners to their social media pages, furthering their online presence.

The free ‘Spotify For Artists’ platform will now allow users to add social media links and image galleries to their profile on the streamer.

Artists and their teams will be able to add links to their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wikipedia to their Spotify profile from within the Spotify for Artists web app.

The links will appear in the¬†‘About’ tab, which Spotify describes will¬†satisfy “the curiosity of any listener who‚Äôs hungry to know where you were born, what scenery is inspiring your music, or what you had for breakfast.”

The app will also allow for artists to update their avatar images, update their bios and use the ‘Artist’s Pick’ feature.

Spotify’s shares recently went public, with its debut market value coming in at just under $30bn.