Sydney’s annual Electronic Music Conference has partnered with the Night Mayor of Amsterdam for three-year project Global Cities After Dark, a forum to discuss global night time culture and economy.

Open to just 150 delegates, Amsterdam Night Mayor Mirik Milan will speak alongside local Night Time Culture and Economy specialists, and five international guests from Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Seattle.

The speakers will cover the pillars that support safe and supportive nightlife: creative industries, music and art at night, public health and safety, transport and mobility, urban planning and legislation.

Jane SlingoEMC’s Executive Producer said:

“The electronic music sector knows too well the impact that colourful and thriving nightlife can have on economy and culture for any city or region. We’re very excited about this new way of approaching night-time culture and economy from a global perspective, and we’re very confident that there will be some very positive outcomes from Global Cities After Dark this year and in the future.”

Mirik MilanNight Mayor Amsterdam said:

“Being a part of Global Cities After Dark is like a dream come true, because by sharing ideas for a safe and vibrant nightlife, it empowers bottom up initiatives after dark that contribute and strengthen creative cities around the world. It will be one of the most innovative forums from a city planning perspective because global thought leaders will gather in Sydney to discuss what strategies can be put in place for creating liveable inclusive cities with high quality of life and culture for everyone.”

The first Global Cities After Dark forum takes place on November 28 and is invite only. Registrations for interest to attend are now open until September 1. The full program schedule and speakers will be announced next month.

Register your interest here.

Watch Jane Slingo and Mirik Milan discuss the forum in the video below.