Early in November, it was reported that the future for the Hordern Pavilion was uncertain to say the least. With the venue’s lease only guaranteed for a couple more years, it had been said that the beloved venue could be used in a myriad of ways, but now, Sydney’s Mayor has weighed in on the debate, offering her view on the current state of discussion and what should happen.

As we noted last month, the lease for the Hordern Pavilion and the adjacent Royal Hall of Industries is set to expire in 2021, meaning it would be perfect timing for Sydney Swans and the Sydney Roosters to follow through with their plans to use the location as a new headquarters.

Currently, the NSW Government has allocated approximately $40 million dollars into developing ‘centres of excellence’, which may just see the Hordern named as a suitable candidate.

In addition to a sporting facility, other ideas have been floated, including the addition of shopping areas, a food precinct, or even a hotel – a far cry from the status of a musical hotspot that the Hordern Pavilion is known for.

“The Hordern Pavilion is a one of a kind venue in Sydney – and it’s under threat,” Sydney Mayor Clover Moore said in a statement.

“The Australian Financial Review has confirmed rumours the iconic venue (and the Royal Hall of Industries) is up for tender. Beyond 2021 – just four years away – its future as a live music venue is uncertain, and could be turned into offices for sports teams. This would be tragic.”

Clover Moore’s impassioned plea to save the Hordern Pavilion was posted on her website alongside a petition for concerned citizens to sign to help persuade the NSW Government to ensure the iconic location remains a venue for years to come. You can have your say in the petition here.