Most of us would be able to claim having given Tame Impala (Kevin Parker’s) track, ‘The Less I Know The Better’ a fair few plays.

Well, it must have been a lot of us, because the track from Parker’s 2015 album Currents has officially racked up one billion hits. Now this means that the song is able to join APRA AMCOS’ upper echelons on their 1,000,000,000 List.

The song has been able to crack the big one billion via streaming services, with APRA AMCOS CEO, Dean Ormston praising Parker as “a highly acclaimed songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, performing, recording artist” and “visionary”, as reported by The Music Network.

Ormston continued, “He has created a sound and a global following, and has the world’s best creatives queuing to work with him. It’s a testament to Kevin’s work that his 2015 hit ‘The Less I Know the Better’ has remained globally current. APRA AMCOS and all of our staff are so proud to support Kevin and celebrate his global achievements.”

The song was also reportedly originally written for a Mark Ronson album, according to Parker. And apparently it never ended up going that way because Ronson told Parker during a recording session that he should keep the song.

Meanwhile Parker was working up the courage to tell Ronson he didn’t want to give it away anymore. He said, “During the recording session, I was working myself up to tell him I was going to take it back.”

On his latest achievement, Parker said, “I owe APRA a lot, thank you everyone, this means a lot. Thanks for supporting me.” Joining the 1,000,000,000 List, Parker sees himself in some very top notch company, alongside the likes of other Aussie artists including Sia, Flume, Toni Watson (Tones And I), Gotye, Vance Joy, 5 Seconds of Summer and more.

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