A lot has changed since the old days of seeing a poster, buying a ticket and going to see a band play a rock show. These days, cutting-edge technology is playing an increasingly active role in enhancing events for the modern music-lover, from campaign engagement beforehand to the actual onsite experience at concerts and music festivals.

Jared Kristensen is one of the people utilising technology in Australia to change the way concert-goers experience events, and improve how event organisers and promoters reach and engage their audience and sell tickets.

His company, Audience Republic, uses tech to power the marketing for music festivals and concerts, helping them boost ticket sales by amplifying word of mouth and providing insight into their audience. A team of five based in Surry Hills, their platform has been used by festivals such as Electric Gardens, Beyond the Valley and Lost Paradise as well as events featuring artists including Chance the Rapper and Schoolboy Q.

The digital revolution starts before the event even begins

The pre-event campaign process is one of the most significant ways the advent of the digital revolution has changed live music. Kristensen points to the way Audience Republic helps event promoters reward fans that ‘invite’ friends, increasing word of mouth.