Labels and stadiums are out. Although TEG would consider bringing more tech companies, small-to-medium size venues and, just maybe, agents and artist managers into its expanding portfolio.

Speaking at Australian Music Week last Friday in Cronulla, TEG CEO Geoff Jones gave a history lesson on the company he shaped into a billion-dollar-plus entertainment and analytics powerhouse, and shared a vision for its future.

“We’re always looking at tech, it’s intrinsic to what we do,” Jones said during his keynote presentation with TIO’s Lars Brandle. “I don’t see us doing labels. We thought about buying agents and managers, we’re still thinking about that. We’ve got venues here and in the U.K. We like venues. Bricks and mortar aren’t bad assets in this time.”

Jones stopped short at announcing a TEG shopping list, but the company is always on the look-out.

Currently, TEG counts 20 brands under its banner and operates in seven countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.K., through its acquisition of the MJR Group earlier this year. Its live music empire includes Ticketek, TEG Live, TEG Dainty, MJR and Qudos Bank Arena. TEG “won’t buy more arenas” in Australia, Jones confirmed.