Managing the careers of artist like Avril Lavigne and Coldplay, Network’s Terry McBride is a wealth of knowledge which delegates attending Bigsound 2019 were able to tap into and absorb – and boy was there a lot to absorb. 

A visionary and an innovator, McBride theorised concepts and strategies that are out of the box, and frankly, question whether the box even exists.

Basing his artists’ strategies on the concept that the monetisation of people’s emotional response is the value inside the music business, not ownership of the creative works for the consumer and using data to support these seemingly wild theories, McBride launched into an hour of power with revelations.

Backing these concepts with sets of data, facts and figures that had even the most seasoned artist managers and industry heavy weights shaking in their boots, McBride got stuck into the position we are currently in within the industry, and where it’s all headed if the data is anything to go by.

Without further ado, here are the key takeaways from McBride’s BIGSOUND Keynote that may or may not annoy the crap out of you.


Algorithmic streams are the only streams and data that you can affect through marketing

People may try to tell you streams aren’t sustainable. However unlike the iTunes model where there’s a sharp rise in downloads and then a decline until they flat line, streams will never flat line.