Ticket holders for the 2019 Global Cities After Dark forum are in for a treat as the line-up of international and local speakers are set to delve into some important developments and shine a much-needed light on the state of our nighttime economy.

To get you primed and ready, below are three unmissable sessions set to be presented at Sydney’s Eternity Playhouse on Friday, 15 November.


Time Out recently released its list of the 50 best things to do in the world right now. Brooklyn’s House of Yes nightclub came in at second. A creative collective and nightclub in Bushwick, Brooklyn, House of Yes is a sex-positive nightclub.

Said VICE: “Stepping into House of Yes is like entering an exciting new world. One filled with feathery, costumed performers, aerialists dangling from the high ceiling, scantily dressed caged dancers, and transformative themed sets. It’s a magical adult playground, where sexual freedom is encouraged and “enthusiastic consent” is required.” 

In their keynote, House of Yes’ Co-Founder and Creative Director Kae Burke, along with Cultural Director and Manager of the Consent Program Jacqui Rabkin, take us through their journey in building authentic creativity in a global city that is not without its challenges. They will dive deep into what has been in their secret recipe for going from a good business to a great business that has so much meaning in the community, and how they have combined different artistic mediums to tackle big ideas and big issues.

More on this keynote.

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While media, politicians, festival fans and stakeholders debate on pill testing as a possible solution, another hot summer festival season is just around the corner.

In this Hypothetical: ‘Drugs, Just Say Know’, health experts, police, festival figures, drug researchers, and parents are brought together to share and negotiate different perspectives and influence ways to move forward to address this important issue.

We take this group through a hypothetical exercise to collectively work through a moral dilemma, to aid in navigating this challenge in the future. This hypothetical will feature Adelle Robinson, Managing Director – Fuzzy Operations & Board Member and Spokesperson – Australian Festivals Association.

For the rest of this panel participants, see here.


This is a fast-paced and mentally challenging breakout session designed to create a paradigm shift. The Global Cities After Dark attendees are curated into teams of four to workshop solutions to challenges that are either being experienced right now or will pose a potential challenge in Sydney’s nightlife in the future. See below for some of the challenges.


Critical mass: It’s a lockout-free Sydney – and the city has the freedom to rebuild Sydney’s nightlife without strict limitations. How do we harness the abundance of creativity in the DIY / warehouse and have it co-exist in licensed premises scene so it can re-engage young people and re-ignite their passion for regularly supporting Sydney’s nightlife?
Challenge leader: Kiran Da Silva

Mobility: It’s 2021 and New South Wales is considering all-night public transport to increase mobility between Western Sydney and between the various inner-city nightlife precincts in Sydney. Safety as always is a concern with late night revellers – so what are the ways we can influence safety on public transport in the wee hours?
Challenge leader: Ben Van Houten

The $ound of Mu$ic: We aim to have our nightlife thriving with good operators who run compliant businesses but the costs to do so over the last five years have significantly escalated and will continue to do so. How do we manage the expenses attached to regulation, compliance and music licenses without it being at the expense of creativity?
Challenge leader: Ayebatonye Abrakasa

It’s not noise, it’s music: With increasing gentrification and urbanisation the matter of residents moving into city areas yet complaining about sound will be an even greater challenge in the future. What can be done to create harmony between residents and music venues?
Challenge leader: To be announced

For more information and to buy tickets to the 2019 Global Cities After Dark forum head to the official website.