2019 saw the first year that Australia was the focus country for The Great Escape, and boy did we leave a mark!

The Aussie BBQ was packed out from minute one on Saturday, with both Dobby and Ruby Fields playing concurrently at 12 pm to big crowds. Particularly impressive considering the enormous night the conference had on Friday. People fought their hangovers to get a taste of some Australian brilliance.

Some of the most influential music executives, promoters, agents, media and A&R reps from all over the world were showcase hoping non-stop for 3 days, and the below list ranks the top 10 most hyped bands throughout The Great Escape 2019.

10. Dobby (Australia)

Dobby head and shoulder shots

WHY: The Dobby story is your classic music conference showcase advertisement. Dobby’s set started on an outdoor stage 15 minutes before Ruby Field’s set (whose tent was packed). So as he started, people from around the Aussie BBQ could hear his music, but not necessarily see the stage, and you could hear people chatter “wow what is that?”

Dobby started performing to maybe 5 people, and by the end of his set, there was easily 150 watching. Dobby is not only a rapper (and a very good one live) but raps while he plays the drums, and he is a very good drummer! A lot of people simply couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


9. Rachel Chinouriri (United Kingdom)

Rachel chinouriri head shot