If you’re not happy in your role, it may be because the workplace culture is a breeding ground for fear and stunted professional growth.

Not sure if your workplace is toxic? If you experience these nine things daily, it’s undeniable.

1. When your boss scares you more than inspires you

Hating the boss is as old as Keith Richards – but not all tropes should be accepted.

If you don’t have a LWF (leader worth following), you’re in big, big trouble. A leader is there to support and guide you, and ultimately have you feeling like you happily drank the Kool-Aid and have no regrets.

The music industry is the place where magic is made every day. It nurtures creativity and plays a hand in creating remarkable experiences. So when the person who pays your rent fails to recognise the draconian nature of a fear-based ‘boss-employee’ dynamic, they’re just shooting themselves in the foot.

Professionalism and decorum are paramount, but you shouldn’t stand for any kind of intimidation.

For information around your rights in the workplace, check out these fact sheets over at fairwork.gov.au.

2. Clock watchers

Unless you need to meet a certain deadline, it’s counter-productive to push for a 9-5 workplace mentality. The music industry’s work day is as fluid and ever-changing as the Murray River as it is, but encouraging strict work hours will only hurt the company in two ways: