There are so many wonderful and exciting musicians creating art in Australia right now. For us, having the opportunity to work with some of them in championing their music is one we relish each day when we rock up to the office.

At Beehive PR, our team has cultivated a roster that reflects not only our diverse personal tastes, but the thriving music community here in Australia producing world-class music (not to mention some international artists who have released some epic records this year).

Working with the likes of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Hideous Sun Demon, Madness, Jeremy Loops, Rackett and Birdz (just to name a few) has not only brought us some killer music, but it’s given us the chance to watch these artists do their thing impressively on the Australian and international stages alike. What a trip!


The brilliant part about our job is that we are able to inject our love for music into a fast paced professional setting. At the core of it all we’re passionate music fans, so to be able to listen to as much music as we do daily, and to work with new and established artists from the beginning of a single or an album’s journey, is awesome.

It’s such a unique and incredible feeling that comes with receiving new music we know has potential written all over it and when more people switch on to the quality of it and hear what we’ve been hearing? It’s amazing.