Michael Chugg shouts louder than you, and he’s been shouting real loud about Lime Cordiale since he discovered and signed the band to his fledgling label and management enterprise 2013. The legendary promoter might be onto something.

With another national tour coming up fast, TIO has poured over the indie-rock outfit’s streaming and social life. There’s a lot to drink down. Here’s an indie-rock act who’s never torched the charts, and there’s not much love from radio, but they’re finding a digital motor, which is powering a surge here and opening paths in the U.S.

Lime Cordiale (pronounced Cor-dee-aal) has been flying of late on Apple Music and YouTube, and Spotify, the world’s leading brands in streaming, albeit from a lower base than some of their globe-trotting contemporaries, Tash Sultana, DMA’s, The Rubens and others. The Aussies stick together, and, so it would appear, Lime Cordiale is getting a nudge along from their compatriots. More on that later.

When Permanent Vacation dropped last October via Chugg Music/MGM, the effect on the traditional sales charts was meagre. The album hit No. 1 on the AIR 100% Independent Australian Albums chart and No. 15 on the ARIA Australian Albums Chart. It did no more than ok. Its singles “Temper Temper” weren’t heavily rotated on triple j. Radio didn’t jump on board.