Some of us watched the sunrise, some of us may sleep through the next one, and some of us are grabbing Bloody Mary’s at in Fortitude Valley right now, but sadly Bigsound 2019 – AKA music industry Christmas – has come to an end.

BIGSOUND 2019 was a firehose of talent and know-how, featuring performances from the likes of Mojo Juju, Black Rock Band, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Ainsley Farrell, and so, so, so many more; plus important and button-pressing panels and keynotes which featured crucial knowledge from ARIA’s Dan Rosen, Secret Sounds Group’s Elise Huntley, and Nettwerk’s Terry McBride.

You can check out some of our coverageย here, and here, but it would be remiss of us not to to inaccurately summarise the conference and festival in just a few handpicked tweets, which were chosen based on no metric at all.