A screening of U2: LoveTown, directed by Richard Lowenstein, a deep dive into the hundreds of U2 fan tattoos, and the setlistorian of the U2gigs.com concert database; these are just a few of the offerings set to make up The U2 Conference in Australia.

Set to take place in Sydney on November 21 to coincide with U2’s mammoth Joshua Tree Tour, The U2 Conference Australian Edition 2019: Image + Experience is every U2 fans’ wet dream.

The conference lineup features André Brett, the Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellow in History at the University of Wollongong, who is also the setlistorian of the U2gigs.com concert database, and a panel discussion titled ‘London, Belfast, Sydney and Beyond: Does U2’s Touring Make It The Biggest Band In The World?’

The special guest of the day is Australian filmmaker Richard Lowenstein, who made the rarely seen U2 documentary U2 Lovetown in 1989 when U2 when played 27 shows in Australia with BB King.

Bono was the first person Lowenstein interviewed when he made the new movie, Mystify Michael Hutchence, which will be screened to close out The U2 Conference.