Having first lashed out at scalpers upon seeing their sold out Melbourne gig going for exorbitant prices on resale sites, The Smith Street Band expressed further anger in a scathing interview yesterday with triple j.

But now Ticketmaster have taken an interesting route with their reply, claiming that tickets are actually – yes – “underpriced” before they are resold, and that artists should be charging their fans more to begin with.

“It just sucks!” The Smithies told triple j yesterday. “It’s such a scummy thing to do and the fact that it is this Ticketmaster Resale website. They take the $9 booking fee on the original ticket and then to put it up on the Ticketmaster Resale website – I think they’re making $18 from it just posted up on there.”

“That’s why we took to social media because an email from some independent band that no-one’s ever heard of, saying ‘hey 50 people got ripped off’. Like, no-one at Ticketmaster gives a shit about that…”

Ticketmaster, meanwhile, responded in a statement to triple j, claiming the protection of the free market and stating that, quite simply, “fans can then decide what they are willing to pay.”