TuneCore are one of those fantastic one-stop digital distributor services that has somewhat levelled the playing field when it comes to getting your music on the likes of Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, et al.

Pleasingly, the company has announced its artists have earned just shy of $937 million, as a live counter on their site keeps ticking closing to $1 billion. As Billboard notes, this figure is only for their digital distribution; they are also involved in publishing admin, and other services.

The company is also using this billion figure as a nifty promo tool, allowing both new and existing users to upload a free single – a promo called their ‘Billion Dollar Club’.

TuneCore also noted a 119% streaming rise for artists on their service in Australia over the past year, a higher figure than the 84% increase in British use.

“TuneCore is incredibly proud of our artists for reaching such an impactful industry milestone while keeping 100 percent of their earnings through streaming and downloads,” CEO Scott Ackerman said.

“We are deeply committed to helping our artists maximise their revenue, which is why we are so excited to celebrate as they approach this historic achievement.”

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