Tushar Apte had no manager, no agent, no publisher. He had applied for an APRA SongHubs writing camp in Toronto but with hitmaker names like The Monsters & Strangerz (Kanye West, Rihanna, Britney Spears), Sean Douglas (David Guetta, Jason Derulo) and Simon Wilcox (Nick Jonas, 5SOS, Tinashe) set to attend, he was less than hopeful.

He was living in a one bedroom in Culver City, West LA, and living off Ramen noodles and tuna. He had been in LA for four-and-a-half years and he had hit rock bottom.

Four years later, 32-year-old Australian Tushar Apte has penned some of the biggest hits to ever grace the Billboard and ARIA chart. And as of last week, has one of the biggest pop songs on radio in the form of ZAYN and Nicki Minaj’s ‘No Candle No Light’.

“You know my love ain’t free/ Why do you make believe? / Why do you sell me dreams?” The track is an EDM-pop gem from the outset. It flexes with braggadocio and an ill-fated lyrical undertone that’s already been picked up by Rolling Stone, Billboard and Pitchfork.

The juggernaut publications jumped on fast after Nicki Minaj teased the track earlier this month and referred to it as, “My favourite song of all time”.

Stream ‘No Candle No Light’ below:

The track’s release today could be seen as a landmark, career-altering record for the Newcastle-born artist, and it will be. But it’s not Tushar’s only high-profile work.