Eight of out Top 10 people on Twitter are music artists. That’s because artists and music fans alike use the platform for discovery, to view content and to engage with the conversation around that content.

Speaking to TIO for its co-presented Podcast with APRA AMCOS, Jennie Sager, Twitter’s Head of Entertainment, Asia Pacific, said:

“When you’re using [Twitter] properly, and you know how to use it, it can generate enormous results. But I think it’s the artists who are new to the platform and don’t make the effort in the beginning to understand that struggle.”

Check out all of Sager’s tips for artists via the Podcast, or read a few below:

Use Twitter’s video features

“People are spending more time on the platform, both in Australia and globally. […] And our video views have increased by 225% so we know they just want more and more video content as well.

“We launched [live] – and I’m talking about our Premium Content model – to include things that usually include broadcast rights, so sports games, shows like The Grammys or the Billboard Music Awards. We launched that less than a year ago and this year alone we’ve live-streamed so far more than 650 Premium Content hours and more than 450 events. We’ve watched the live streaming space really take off.