Whether you’re an artist just starting out in your career or a songwriter looking to monetise your catalogue, musicians should always be thinking about how they can license their work to other media. That’s the message from The Sound Pound founder Tyler McLoughlan who will be panelists at both New Zealand’s Going Global Music Summit and BIGSOUND.

Founded in 2011, the Brisbane-based company focuses on placing songs from indie artists with a diverse range of clients, from movie and TV producers, to advertising agencies and firms looking music for corporate videos.

Below, McLoughlan shares her insights on the sync business.

Don’t let your music be used for free – even if it’s just for a short social clip

It could be an advertiser who believe they are doing an artist a favour by providing exposure for one of their songs or a fan who just wants to place one of their tracks on their social media platform.

Whatever the reason, some people still think music can be used for free. However, McLoughlan maintains indie artists should never be afraid to ask for money from someone who wants to use one their songs.

“I’m finding that even with a small Instagram video, people are becoming way more aware that they need to pay for this kind of stuff,” she says. “And if an artist actually asks for a fee, the other party often don’t mind paying it. So the more the independent sector says ‘you’re using something that has value and therefore you need to pay for it’, then the better it is for everybody.”