Publisher Wasted Talent bought UK rock bible Kerrang! as part of a rush of new acquisitions, which includes long-dormant style and fashion magazine The Face, and the excellently-named brewing mag The Beer Necessities.

Traditional readers of Kerrang! might not be in favour of what Wasted Talent call their “video-first” strategy, which focuses on video content with the aim of growing the readership. It’s a traditionally topsy-turvy format they successful applied to dance music title Mixmag, which has opened ten international offices since 2015. It’s a format they’ll be attempting with the three new acquisitions.

“When I think of the media brands that defined music and culture in the UK and globally over the last few decades, few were more relevant than this collection of titles,” says Wasted Talent CEO Rebecca Jolly [no relation – I assume]. “Over the past two years, we’ve established Mixmag as a truly innovative, fully integrated media platform in the US, and are working with some of the world’s leading consumer brands and partners. We look forward to doing the same with Kerrang! and The Face.”

“It’s difficult to establish new media brands in today’s digital marketplace,” says Chairman Ian Flooks. “Kerrang! is a trusted brand because of the years of passion, knowledge and profound enthusiasm that have gone into producing it week in, week out.

“Under our ownership, Kerrang! will take its rightful place at the heart of a global digital community of like-minded spirits. The platforms are there and, thanks to our recent experience with Mixmag, we know how to use them.”