The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights have introduced the inaugural High Note Music Prize, which will recognise “outstanding contributions to humanity and the promotion of human rights through music.”

The artist needs to have promoted human rights through music for at least a decade, Billboard reports.

“The need for people to stand up to protect human rights is more vital than ever,” Laurent Sauveur, Director of External Affairs for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, wrote in a statement. “Music is also a force to be reckoned with, and musicians have the power to mobilise.

“We are proud to help launch The High Note Project and High Note Music Prize in an effort to galvanise global awareness of the importance of human rights, and at the same time honor artists who passionately use their work to promote and protect the rights of others.”

The prize will be announced at a concert in London, which will be broadcast globally. An early congrats to Bono, who will no doubt win the first one.