Usher has signed on as Chief Creative Director of $10.5 million Australian tech startup MSMCI.

The singer, and inventor of popular dance craze the U-Turn, will mainly appear as a judge, mentor, and “brand ambassador” for MSMCI’s smartphone talent search show Megastar, Business Insider reports.

The show combines “social media, gaming and live entertainment”, with a hefty $US1 million prize on offer to the winning contestant. The company is already claiming the first successful mainstream crossover from television to the mobile platform – but of course, the show needs an actual engaged audience in order to claim victory.

Still, Usher seem excited. “I’m thrilled to be a part of this creative, next-generation online competition,” he said. (See, he is thrilled).

Usher hasn’t bought into the company as such, instead receiving “staggered cash payments, performance rights and royalties (based on incomes generated from the sale of sponsorships, advertising or date, physical merchandise or other sources)” for his efforts.

MSMCI told Business Insider they would be spending $5.7 million on “talent acquisition costs for payments to celebrity judges and mentors”, which suggests they are really aiming to tap some big name stars for Megastar.

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